To make informed business decisions, you must be able to visualize your data. With the Deltek Vantagepoint Informer integration, you can modernize business intelligence and data analysis capabilities.

With pre-built data sets and visuals, specific to project-based firms, we have simplified the start-up process. See how everyone in your organization can gain actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions
Make Data-Driven Decisions
Eliminate guessing and make strategic business decisions based on actual data. 
Enable HR & Accounting
Grow Your Business

Harness the data analytics capabilities of Informer 5 to improve business development strategies. 

Visualize Your Data
Visualize Your Data

See the data in your Deltek Vantagepoint system in ways you have never imagined. 

Start Visualizing Your Data for Better Business Decisions

Is your firm ready to deploy Informer BI?

If you can say yes to each below, then you're ready for the future. 

  • Ready to break away from the ways your firm has "always done things"
  • Eager to represent data in new ways, not just via Excel, stone tablets, or papyrus scrolls
  • Aspire to empower your employees to filter and manipulate data dynamically
  • Stop your employees from wasting days manipulating data and sharing outdated information

If you've said yes to all of the above, go ahead and click the button below! We'd love to dive deeper into your BI needs and provide you with more information about the Connector.


“Entrinsik’s Informer BI solution has transformed the way we work, offering visibility into our company’s metrics such as performance and project financials as well as data trustworthiness. Informer has helped every level of our organization from marketing to business developers to executives, and we particularly appreciate the out-of-the-box and ad-hoc custom reporting capabilities.

Recently, through Informer, we defined a client report card to track sales, net revenue, variances, and marketing expenses over multiple years – a process that, in the past, took many hours of effort to accomplish each month, is now updated nightly and automagically. We’re grateful for the value that has been added to our organization.”

- Michelle Bergquist, Business Analyst, HR Green, Inc.